Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Madness- Gattis Style

I had to post a few pics of our first baking experience. On Saturday it was cold and rainy so we stayed in all day. I was tired because I was up all night before with a colicing horse. So it was nice to stay in all day and relax with the boys.

Noah and I decided to make a cake. He was such a big help. He pulled a chair up to the counter and helped me mix all the ingredients. Then I introduced him to licking the beaters...and boy was that a hit. The only problem was he would get the beater clean and then just dip the beater back into the cake batter to get more. The last picture is of him after he got to eat his "masterpiece".

Today while I was in the shower he decided to give Mooley and Bunny a bath.....The video pretty much explains everything.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Branson Vacation

We had such a fun weekend. We went to Branson with some friends of ours, Becky, Brad and thier little boy, Drake. The boys were such a mess all weekend. We got off to a late start Friday night (mommy's fault cause I had to meet the horse shoer) so we didn't do much by the time we got up there.

Saturday it rained all day so we got around sort of slow, it is vacation right, then ate breakfast and after nap time we went to play indoor putt putt. Noah is just a little busy at his age for putt putt. He is such an explorer, he couldn't stay focued, LOL. Drake is 3 and loves golf, so he was more into it. I ended up taking Noah to the arcade while they finished the round of putt putt.

Then we ate dinner and went back to the hotel to let the boys swim. Luckily our hotel had an indoor pool and they LOVED it. Both boys cried when it was time to go back to the condo. Jonas (conviently) forgot his swimsuit so I had to swim which was a good reminder to start working out before summer gets here, LOL. I was suprised at how well Noah liked the water. He swam quite a bit and I was able to let go of him several times. In the video you can hear him say "we did it" when we get back to the side of the pool.

Then on Sunday, Jonas and Brad went to play golf while Becky and I took the boys shopping. I was so proud of the boys. They didn't complain too bad...although we did bribe them with ice cream. I found some great deals at the outlet mall so I was excited about that. Then we went and ate sushi and took the boys to ice cream.

After ice cream we met back up with the guys (barely...Becky and I had to hold up the whole duck production so they could get there in time) and went and rode the "Ducks". I felt so bad for Noah. He was so excited and then fell asleep during the ride. I kept trying to wake him up when we went from land to water but he was just passed out. The last picture is of him asleep during the duck ride.

This week will hopefully be a little slower. I feel like we have been crazy around here. My friend Caroline had her second baby girl on Friday. I can't wait to get to see little Mazzy. Noah and I are planning on cooking them some food tonight and then going over tomorrow. I will post some pictures when we get home.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Funny Videos

I took these videos the other night when I was trying to get Noah ready for bed. He was in a pretty good mood and wasn't wanting to put his PJ's on.

Unfortunately he is sick again. I am wondering if this will ever end? It seems to be one thing after another for the poor little guy. Other then that there isn't a lot to report around here. Jonas went on a fishing trip with some friends from church last weekend and I went to a barrel race. It rained and was cold all weekend so we were both pretty miserable. The weather was beautiful today and it is supposed to be nice all week. Maybe spring has finally arrived.

Have a good week everyone.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy...or Noah...

It has been another busy week here at the Gattis ranch. We had another horse get sick. I guess, when it rains, it pours.... This time my colt got a joint infection from a bad injection. So I rushed him to the vet Tuesday am. So this week we had two horses spending a weeks vacation at the vets. They were both pretty sick so it wasn't really a vacation for them...or our pocket book, LOL! The good news is they are both home now and we expect them both to make a full recovery.

Friday was my birthday. When we woke up that morning Jonas started singing "Happy Birthday" and Noah got upset, insisting that it was HIS birthday. He was very crabby all day and actually started throwing up around 5pm that night. As I was cleaning the puke off my arm and leg, I decided "mom birthdays" aren't near as glamorous as regular birthdays, ha ha! Mom and Dad brought us pizza and oreo ice cream cake and we celebrated my birthday. Noah was so funny, he had to blow out the candle and open my card...because it was "his birthday". He threw up several times during the night and was fine by the morning. There is a lot of stuff going around right now...I will be ready for spring.

Saturday Noah felt better so he hung out with his Daddy and Popsey. Jonas and his Dad are going on a fishing trip next weekend to Texas so they spent the day getting the boat and all their fishing stuff ready. I took Shooter and went to the barrel race. They had about 60 entered and I won 3rd in the 1D. I had a couple rider errors in the run but all in all I am very pleased with my horse right now. I have been working harder then I ever have as far as my barrel racing and it looks like all the work is starting to pay off. I have won money the last four runs I have made.

I give riding lessons to some girls from Fort Smith. They are so sweet and they got me a gift certificate to Shogun's for my birthday. So Saturday night Mike and Susan kept Noah and we went with some friends to eat. We had such a good time and the food was amazing. The late night and the time change are killing me today but it was way worth it. I had Susan take a few pics before we went out last night. Hope everyone has a good week.

Monday, March 2, 2009

This past week

On Monday, Noah's birthday, we took Noah to Chuck E Cheese. Mom and Dad and Joey and Sandi met us there and Noah had a great time. He talks a lot about how he didn't like Chuck and he was scared but he likes Chuck E Cheese, LOL. I guess if I was two feet tall I would be scared of a big dancing mouse too.
The last few weeks have been pretty busy because I have been running Jonas' horse back and forth to the vet trying to figure out what is wrong with him. We think we have it figured out and I have to take him today to start treatment. It is pretty serious but we think we caught it early enough for him to be ok, however the treatment will be hard on him. We all love him very much so please pray for his full recovery.
The weather was nice on Thursday so L got to come over and play. The boys had a great time but man are the ever boys, LOL. Out of all the toys we had I think they had the most fun playing in the gravel on the driveway. I tried to get some good pics but the wouldn't slow down long enough for me to get any. I think L's shirt in the picture sums up the whole day, LOL. They were both so dirty by the time they got done it was amazing. I didn't know boys could be so mischevous....

Then on Saturday Jonas and I went to a "Focus on Marriage" seminar through our church put on by "Focus on the Family" . They had several really good speakers and I hope Jonas learned something, LOL....Just kidding, I think we both learned a few things. Saturday night I went to a rodeo and won 4th on my horse. This will be his first full year going to rodeos and it is different for him then a regular barrel race so I am very proud to get a check at our first outing.

Yesterday we stayed home from Chruch because Noah was still running a fever. He did get better towards the end of the day so Nene and Papa came out to play and eat dinner with us. He was dying to show Nene his park so we bundled up and went out for a few minutes. It was very chilly though so we didn't make it long.

Jonas went to a roping yesterday. Since his horse has been sick he has had to ride his "backup horse". His heeler missed to win the roping and I am very proud of Jonas for roping so well even though he wasn't on his number one horse.

Noah is still sick this morning. His little nose has ran so much it is raw and now bleeding. We all had a rough night from his coughing. He is very cranky and I feel so bad for him. I am going to call the doctor today and see if they can get him in. I hope everyone has a good week!