Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sicky Sunday

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. It seems like the week goes by so fast and then the weekend goes by faster. On Friday night I left for a women's retreat with our church. Although I was dreading leaving my family (I miss the boy's so much when I am gone) I had a wonderful time. We have found a great church and the women are all so much fun.

I took this picture this morning when Noah and I were getting ready for Church. He was fine this morning and then all of the sudden he got sick this afternoon. I am ready for spring so all the winter sickness will go away. He got progressively worse (fever and snotty nose) as the day went on and I am thinking we will have to make a trip to the doctor tomorrow. I am afraid his cold has turned into bronchitis.

Jonas has worked all weekend helping our friends lay water and sewer line for their new house, but Mike and Susan kept Noah today so I could get my horses rode. I am sure my horses would perfer me not getting to ride but I am so thankful for Mike and Susan. Without thier help my horses would be fatter then they already are, ha ha! The weather was beautiful today and I wish it would stay this way a while but I think it is supposed to get cold again tomorrow.

I took this picture when Noah fell asleep in the chair. Isn't he so precious when he sleeps!

This is his "hat". It is actually the box that all his play food for his kitchen came in. But he perfers to wear it as a hat. I call it his "chef hat". He is very into his kitchen. He is always cooking me hot dogs and the other morning he cooked me a donut. I would have given anything for a real chocolate donut, ha ha!