Sunday, February 22, 2009

Birthday Party!!!

Wow, I can't believe my baby is turing two! Noah's birthday is tomorrow but we had his "big" party today. You know how when you are little it is more like a "birthday week". (Jonas makes fun of me because I never really outgrew birthday week is coming up... woohoo) Anyway, we are going to take him to Chuck E Cheese tomorrow for dinner but today was his friend party. He was so excited about his party and he has been talking about it for weeks. It definately didn't dissapoint because he had such a wonderful time. It even turned out better then I thought. With it being a little chilly today we couldn't have it outside on his new playset like I wanted and I was afraid the kids would get restless in the house. It all went great.

He wanted a construction party, big I found some construction hard hats and stickers. All the kids really enjoyed putting their stickers on the hats amd then wearing them around (sorry about the static electricity, Billie, LOL). I also found some bob the builder temporary tatoos which were a big hit. The kids were all really great and everyone seemed to have a big time.

While they were doing their hats and tatoos Noah said," sing happy birthday then eat cake". So I guess he was ready to eat cake, LOL. Between cake and presents the rest was a big blur to me. Luckily Jonas was taking pictures and videos.

Tomorrow I have to take Jonas' horse to the vet in the morning but then on our way home we are going to stop at Toys R Us, because he got a little bit of money, and let him pick out a special toy.

Thank you everyone who was able to come and thank you for all his wonderful presents. It was a really awesome day. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

On a side note I have to say how proud we all our of my Dad (Noah's Papa). He competed in a triathlon yesterday (swim 20 laps, bike 10 miles and run 3 miles). He is 68 this year and he won his age group beating his time from last year by 7 minutes. He is an inspiration to me, as I sit and eat another piece of birthday cake.... We love you Dad!!!

These pictures aren't that great becuase the kids were having so much fun I couldn't get anyone to sit still for a picture, except when they were eating cake of course.

I thought this last one of L was so cute. Look how he strategically placed all his stickers in a neat row :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines and Bob The Builder...Live

Yesterday was kind of quiet. In the morning I made cinnamon rolls, Jonas and I exchanged cards and we let Noah open his Valentines present...of course it was a Bob the Builder toy. Then I went to the barrel race and the boys stayed home. I have been working really hard on my horse getting some things lined out and he worked really good so I was super excited.

Jonas and Mike worked on Noah's new playset for the backyard (his birthday present). They managed to get it all set up and Jonas waited until I got home to show it to Noah. When he walked around the house and saw it he said, "Whoa, it's amazing!!! LOL! And then he took off running. Then it was a major fight to get him in the house for dinner. He calls it "his park". I didn't have my camera but I will get some pics later this week.

Today was quite the day for our little Noah bug. We took Noah to see "Bob The Builder..Live". His Nene made him a Bob t-shirt the other day and he looked so cute.

We started the day at P.F. Changs...which both the boys hated, LOL. They are the steak and potatoes type, but they sacraficed and let me pick the restaurant since it was sort of our Valentines Lunch because we didn't do much yesterday. The food was so so good. Then we took Noah bug to Build A Bear and he chose the Koala with a construction hard hat...go figure. I think there was a Koala on Diego the other day or something.

Then off to see Bob. When we got there, and I have to tell this because I was so shocked, they had a souviner table. The prices were outrageous. Last week, I ordered 12 yellow hard hats for Noah's birthday party next week (he wants a construction party) and it was around 6 dollars for all 12 of them. Well they had those exact same hats with a bob the builder sticker smacked on them and bam....they were $25!!! I couldn't believe it!! We opted for the $5 Bob hold up figure. He liked it just the same.

We had front row seats. We could actually touch the stage without even getting up out of our seats. I was a little worried because we were right by a speaker and Noah doesn't like loud noises. But he absolutely loved it. He was in awe during the first half and just sat there in a daze. The second half he really got into it....singing, dancing and waving his Bob figure. They were big on no camera's during the show and the camera nazi was stationed right by us, so I couldn't get any pictures during the actual show. But I got some before and during intermission.

Then I got this video on the way home. He was so wound up. With no nap during the day I was sure he would pass out on the way home. No such luck. He sang his Bob songs all the way.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Riding with Mom

The weather has been just beautiful the last few days and Noah has really enjoyed all the time he is getting to spend outside. Today I took my camera to the barn to catch some of the funny moments.

First he loves to help me clean stalls. He opens and shuts the gates, helps empty water buckets, and helps pick up "poop" with his stall pick. He is so funny because he will grunt and groan trying to pick up a water bucket or pick and then look at me and say "it heavy mama, I need help"...yes and he isn't two yet. He has an unbelievable vocabulary that is for sure.

I'll start with a picture of my horse. I have had several horses over the years and nothing compares to Shooter. While he is an extreme athlete (the fastest and quickest horse I have ever rode with a huge heart and tons of try) he is dog gentle around Noah. It is like he knows Noah is small and he is protecting him. I absolutely love him. He is just irreplaceable. So Noah helps me brush him and saddle him. He even helped me clean his feet out today. I would hold his foot and Noah would clean it with the hoof pick. So, so cute!

Then I asked him if he wanted to ride Be Bop (his pony) and he said, "No, too small, I ride Shooter". LOL! Poor Be Bop. So off we go.

Well he loves to ride. And eventhough, he looks nothing like me, he is definately my son because all he says while riding is ..."wanna go fast mama...go fast mama". So in the video below we are "going fast". It is hard to hear but he says "wanna go fast" at the beginning and then "yee haw" at the end. I don't know who was laughing harder me or Noah. He was bouncing so high and laughing so hard toward the end I started to get nervous he would bounce right out of my arms. Oh, he is a mess....

He did decide to ride Be Bop after I went to exercise my horse. He rode a long time today. I think we are in trouble....I think he might have the same "fever" we do.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Breakfast with Mooley and Belle

I though he looked so cute this morning so I got my video camera out. He wanted some eggs so while I was making them, he pulled out his table and sat "Mooley" down and was sitting waiting patiently for his breakfast when I brought his eggs over. He is getting so big.

Of course Belle is right in the thick of things waiting for the slightest piece of egg to be dropped on the floor.

On a down note..we are going to have to give Daisy (Noah's puppy away). Luckily Noah is too little to get attached. But she has started crossing the highway over to Mike and Susan's. At first it was just when we would go over there and now she does it all the time. I am worried if she stays here she will get hit by a car. She is a sweet dog, but high energy so she needs a lot of room to run. She is potty trained as far as the house, but she is too high energy to be in the house (in my house at least, LOL) She is a papered border collie if you know of anyone who might want one. Good home is a must whereas she is such a sweetie.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Relaxing weekend

This weekend was really nice. Jonas went on a squirrel hunt with some men from our church. So Noah and I went on a date Friday night. We met some friends from church and went to Fort Smith. We ate pizza and then went to McDonalds for dessert. Of course McDonalds is always a big hit with Noah. Drake (his friend who is 3) helped him up in the gerbel cage thingy. I was glad that Drake assumed this job because usually mom or Nene have to crawl up there with him (man those things stink!). After "donalds" we went to Wal-Mart which is always a big hit because it has a Bob the Builder ride on toy that we usually spend all our quarters on.

Jonas got home Saturday and since it was such a beautiful day (67 degrees) we worked in the barn, exercising horses and hauling hay. Noah was a big help to daddy hauling hay and he also helped me ride Shooter. Noah has a pony but he always wants to ride with mommy and daddy, so Shooter and Nickel get the call.

Today we went to church and then had a "souper bowl lunch". Everyone bought a different type of soup and Noah had a blast with all his friends as usual. There are several kids close to Noah's age and they get pretty wound up at times. It is really cute to watch. As expected Noah was very tired after church and this first picture was taken when I woke him up from his nap. He does not do well if he gets woke up early.

Then we went and exercised our horses. I rode my colt today and that is always a chore. Noah spent some time with Nana and Popsy and they rode around and checked the heifers. He loves to help count the cows. It is so cute. He gets to ten and then has to start over because that is as high as he can count.

We got invited to a couple super bowl parties tonight be we were all tired and just wanted to stay home and relax. We have a very busy couple of weeks coming up and I knew we wouldn't have much time together coming up. This last picture is of Noah and daddy playing their favorite game. Noah wants daddy to "throw up high". He puts his arms up as high as they will go and laughs and laughs. Hope everyone has a good week.