Friday, December 26, 2008

Blessed Christmas!

Whew! What day is it, LOL???? As most of you parents know, being Santa is hard work. We had a wonderful past few days and the smile on Noah's face made it all worth it. We started Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad's. We went and looked at some Christmas lights which Noah loved...until we came upon the "scary house" with too many figurene's that kind of freaked him out a little. Then we ate dinner and opened some presents. Noah particurally loved his fire truck and construction equipment set. I took this pic of Jonas and Noah before we left.

Then Christmas morning Noah found his train set that Santa left him. Mom and Dad came over too see Noah before the left for Illinois. It was so cute. He was standing, playing with his train set and singing Christmas carols. He loves to sing!!!! American Idol here we come.... The hats as you will see were also a big hit ( he got three, a fireman, construction hard hat, and a hat with a light)

Then we went to Jonas' parents for his Mom's side family Christmas. Then to his Grandma's for his Dad's side. Both were extremly wild with all the kids opening presents. Lots of breakdowns, LOL! But all this kids are what makes Christmas so fun!

Then this morning we went back to Jonas' parents to have our opening with just them. He is very excited about the tractor Santa left him there. He is too small yet to use the pedel's but gets angry if you try and help him. He would also get mad if anyone helped him open presents. Of course he takes forever, ha ha, and we still have about five presents under the tree that we didn't get to open yet.

All in all it was a wonderful Christmas and I am so thankful for how blessed we all are. I feel sad when I think of how much Noah got in comparision to how little some kids get at Christmas. Circle M was able to make several donations to the Angel Tree in Paris and Noah and I went to Fort Smith and picked an Angel off the tree there. Those things were some of the highlights of our Christmas.

The only thing that would have made this Christmas better was to have my sister and her kids here (hint hint Erin and Steve, maybe next year?).