Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Program

Last night was our Church Christmas Program. Boy was it wild. Noah was a "wayward" Shepard as Dad refered to it. He did pretty good considering he isn't even two yet but he couldn't sit still for even a minute as you can tell by the pictures. I think we have an active little boy on our hands. Plus it didn't help that his Nene was there and all he wanted to do was "See Nene". I think it is because she gives him Coke all the time, ha ha. It is the secret weapon she uses to hog him to herself. :) We attend a rather small church be we have a lot of kids so the program was really cute.

Afterwards we had a reception and a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party for the kids where Santa made an apperance. We were all really suprised that Noah went right to Santa. We have tried for a while to get him to go see Santa at the mall and all he would say was "No, No, No"! He was one of the first kids to Santa and then I had to go get him so the other kids could have a turn.

All in all it was a success. This is definately going to be a fun Christmas.