Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why we love Tuesdays and Thursdays

Tuesday and Thursday are our favorite days because I don't have to work and Noah and I get to do "fun" stuff all day. It is getting hard to stay in the house and get our house work done since the weather has gotten so pretty. I did do some cleaning and laundry this morning because I think Jonas was starting to get nervous, LOL.

Tuesday we met some of our friends at the park. Noah had a big time, running everywhere and following Drake thru the playgound. Drake is a year older then Noah so he is a little braver. He will go down the really big slides and such. I watched Noah climb the "big slide" stairs after Drake but he promptly climbed back down after Drake went down the slide. As the day went on he got braver and suddely he came flying down the really tall slide. His eyes were huge and he had an immense look of fear on his face. He didn't cry when he got to the bottom but he didn't go down again either, LOL!

Then today we went to the lake at Charleston and met Rachel with G and L. The boys were so wild. We tried to have a picnic but the boys had no interest in eating. This poor couple were trying to have a nice lunch together and it was interrupted by lots of screaming and running around the picnic area. Then we took a hike around the lake looking for snakes and bears as the boys put it. Noah tries to keep up with the bigger boys and his little knees are showing the effects. They are just raw from him falling so much. I guess we are going to have to start wearing jeans (which he hates...he says, "no jens, no jens, mama!") Plus it doesn't help that he won't let me put a bandaid on the scrapes. I guess he is just 100% boy.