Tuesday, May 5, 2009

ER visit

With Noah so active and into everything I keep thinking any day we will have our first ER visit. Little did I know it would be me, not Noah, LOL.

It has rained probably 10 inches this past week. I went to feed my colt and the pony and one of those long cattle feeders was full of water which made it weigh a ton. I needed to dump the water out so I could feed them. So instead of calling Jonas to come help me, I decided I could empty it myself (first mistake) I squatted down, dug my heels in and pushed with all my might hoping to turn the feeder over. Well I slipped because of all the stinking mud and fell face first into the water, getting soaking wet and splitting my chin open in the process. I hit so hard it almost knocked me out and when I saw all the blood dripping from my chin I knew I was in trouble. The cut was not very long but deep enough I could stick my finger tip in it. So I called Jonas for reinforcements.

We decided that it would probably need stitches so I left Noah with Jonas and went to the emergency room at Paris. There is a lot to be said for small town hospitals. A tetnus shot and three stitches later I was home in less then an hour. Noah is very interested in mama's boo boo. It was feeling better today until his head happened to run into my chin when I was putting him in his carseat...ouch!!

We had to run to Van Buren today so we picked up my friend Sunny and swung by Lowes to get some tomatoes for Noah to plant. He is all about planting and watering so I thought it would be a fun little project for him. Here is a pic of us today after we got them potted.

I thought this other picture was cute. I was fixing him lunch the other day and I told him to go sit at this table and this is what I found. He had pulled up two chairs and put mooley in one and he was sitting in the other patiently waiting on his lunch.

We have a busy weekend coming up. We are having a memorial barrel race for my very good friend, Gayla who passed away last May. There are several entries so it is going to be a great race that I know she would be so proud of. I still think of her and miss her several times a day but as time goes by it is getting easier not to be so sad but to think about all the wonderful times we spent together.