Monday, March 23, 2009

Branson Vacation

We had such a fun weekend. We went to Branson with some friends of ours, Becky, Brad and thier little boy, Drake. The boys were such a mess all weekend. We got off to a late start Friday night (mommy's fault cause I had to meet the horse shoer) so we didn't do much by the time we got up there.

Saturday it rained all day so we got around sort of slow, it is vacation right, then ate breakfast and after nap time we went to play indoor putt putt. Noah is just a little busy at his age for putt putt. He is such an explorer, he couldn't stay focued, LOL. Drake is 3 and loves golf, so he was more into it. I ended up taking Noah to the arcade while they finished the round of putt putt.

Then we ate dinner and went back to the hotel to let the boys swim. Luckily our hotel had an indoor pool and they LOVED it. Both boys cried when it was time to go back to the condo. Jonas (conviently) forgot his swimsuit so I had to swim which was a good reminder to start working out before summer gets here, LOL. I was suprised at how well Noah liked the water. He swam quite a bit and I was able to let go of him several times. In the video you can hear him say "we did it" when we get back to the side of the pool.

Then on Sunday, Jonas and Brad went to play golf while Becky and I took the boys shopping. I was so proud of the boys. They didn't complain too bad...although we did bribe them with ice cream. I found some great deals at the outlet mall so I was excited about that. Then we went and ate sushi and took the boys to ice cream.

After ice cream we met back up with the guys (barely...Becky and I had to hold up the whole duck production so they could get there in time) and went and rode the "Ducks". I felt so bad for Noah. He was so excited and then fell asleep during the ride. I kept trying to wake him up when we went from land to water but he was just passed out. The last picture is of him asleep during the duck ride.

This week will hopefully be a little slower. I feel like we have been crazy around here. My friend Caroline had her second baby girl on Friday. I can't wait to get to see little Mazzy. Noah and I are planning on cooking them some food tonight and then going over tomorrow. I will post some pictures when we get home.