Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Madness- Gattis Style

I had to post a few pics of our first baking experience. On Saturday it was cold and rainy so we stayed in all day. I was tired because I was up all night before with a colicing horse. So it was nice to stay in all day and relax with the boys.

Noah and I decided to make a cake. He was such a big help. He pulled a chair up to the counter and helped me mix all the ingredients. Then I introduced him to licking the beaters...and boy was that a hit. The only problem was he would get the beater clean and then just dip the beater back into the cake batter to get more. The last picture is of him after he got to eat his "masterpiece".

Today while I was in the shower he decided to give Mooley and Bunny a bath.....The video pretty much explains everything.