Thursday, February 5, 2009

Breakfast with Mooley and Belle

I though he looked so cute this morning so I got my video camera out. He wanted some eggs so while I was making them, he pulled out his table and sat "Mooley" down and was sitting waiting patiently for his breakfast when I brought his eggs over. He is getting so big.

Of course Belle is right in the thick of things waiting for the slightest piece of egg to be dropped on the floor.

On a down note..we are going to have to give Daisy (Noah's puppy away). Luckily Noah is too little to get attached. But she has started crossing the highway over to Mike and Susan's. At first it was just when we would go over there and now she does it all the time. I am worried if she stays here she will get hit by a car. She is a sweet dog, but high energy so she needs a lot of room to run. She is potty trained as far as the house, but she is too high energy to be in the house (in my house at least, LOL) She is a papered border collie if you know of anyone who might want one. Good home is a must whereas she is such a sweetie.