Sunday, February 22, 2009

Birthday Party!!!

Wow, I can't believe my baby is turing two! Noah's birthday is tomorrow but we had his "big" party today. You know how when you are little it is more like a "birthday week". (Jonas makes fun of me because I never really outgrew birthday week is coming up... woohoo) Anyway, we are going to take him to Chuck E Cheese tomorrow for dinner but today was his friend party. He was so excited about his party and he has been talking about it for weeks. It definately didn't dissapoint because he had such a wonderful time. It even turned out better then I thought. With it being a little chilly today we couldn't have it outside on his new playset like I wanted and I was afraid the kids would get restless in the house. It all went great.

He wanted a construction party, big I found some construction hard hats and stickers. All the kids really enjoyed putting their stickers on the hats amd then wearing them around (sorry about the static electricity, Billie, LOL). I also found some bob the builder temporary tatoos which were a big hit. The kids were all really great and everyone seemed to have a big time.

While they were doing their hats and tatoos Noah said," sing happy birthday then eat cake". So I guess he was ready to eat cake, LOL. Between cake and presents the rest was a big blur to me. Luckily Jonas was taking pictures and videos.

Tomorrow I have to take Jonas' horse to the vet in the morning but then on our way home we are going to stop at Toys R Us, because he got a little bit of money, and let him pick out a special toy.

Thank you everyone who was able to come and thank you for all his wonderful presents. It was a really awesome day. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

On a side note I have to say how proud we all our of my Dad (Noah's Papa). He competed in a triathlon yesterday (swim 20 laps, bike 10 miles and run 3 miles). He is 68 this year and he won his age group beating his time from last year by 7 minutes. He is an inspiration to me, as I sit and eat another piece of birthday cake.... We love you Dad!!!

These pictures aren't that great becuase the kids were having so much fun I couldn't get anyone to sit still for a picture, except when they were eating cake of course.

I thought this last one of L was so cute. Look how he strategically placed all his stickers in a neat row :)