Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines and Bob The Builder...Live

Yesterday was kind of quiet. In the morning I made cinnamon rolls, Jonas and I exchanged cards and we let Noah open his Valentines present...of course it was a Bob the Builder toy. Then I went to the barrel race and the boys stayed home. I have been working really hard on my horse getting some things lined out and he worked really good so I was super excited.

Jonas and Mike worked on Noah's new playset for the backyard (his birthday present). They managed to get it all set up and Jonas waited until I got home to show it to Noah. When he walked around the house and saw it he said, "Whoa, it's amazing!!! LOL! And then he took off running. Then it was a major fight to get him in the house for dinner. He calls it "his park". I didn't have my camera but I will get some pics later this week.

Today was quite the day for our little Noah bug. We took Noah to see "Bob The Builder..Live". His Nene made him a Bob t-shirt the other day and he looked so cute.

We started the day at P.F. Changs...which both the boys hated, LOL. They are the steak and potatoes type, but they sacraficed and let me pick the restaurant since it was sort of our Valentines Lunch because we didn't do much yesterday. The food was so so good. Then we took Noah bug to Build A Bear and he chose the Koala with a construction hard hat...go figure. I think there was a Koala on Diego the other day or something.

Then off to see Bob. When we got there, and I have to tell this because I was so shocked, they had a souviner table. The prices were outrageous. Last week, I ordered 12 yellow hard hats for Noah's birthday party next week (he wants a construction party) and it was around 6 dollars for all 12 of them. Well they had those exact same hats with a bob the builder sticker smacked on them and bam....they were $25!!! I couldn't believe it!! We opted for the $5 Bob hold up figure. He liked it just the same.

We had front row seats. We could actually touch the stage without even getting up out of our seats. I was a little worried because we were right by a speaker and Noah doesn't like loud noises. But he absolutely loved it. He was in awe during the first half and just sat there in a daze. The second half he really got into it....singing, dancing and waving his Bob figure. They were big on no camera's during the show and the camera nazi was stationed right by us, so I couldn't get any pictures during the actual show. But I got some before and during intermission.

Then I got this video on the way home. He was so wound up. With no nap during the day I was sure he would pass out on the way home. No such luck. He sang his Bob songs all the way.