Sunday, February 1, 2009

Relaxing weekend

This weekend was really nice. Jonas went on a squirrel hunt with some men from our church. So Noah and I went on a date Friday night. We met some friends from church and went to Fort Smith. We ate pizza and then went to McDonalds for dessert. Of course McDonalds is always a big hit with Noah. Drake (his friend who is 3) helped him up in the gerbel cage thingy. I was glad that Drake assumed this job because usually mom or Nene have to crawl up there with him (man those things stink!). After "donalds" we went to Wal-Mart which is always a big hit because it has a Bob the Builder ride on toy that we usually spend all our quarters on.

Jonas got home Saturday and since it was such a beautiful day (67 degrees) we worked in the barn, exercising horses and hauling hay. Noah was a big help to daddy hauling hay and he also helped me ride Shooter. Noah has a pony but he always wants to ride with mommy and daddy, so Shooter and Nickel get the call.

Today we went to church and then had a "souper bowl lunch". Everyone bought a different type of soup and Noah had a blast with all his friends as usual. There are several kids close to Noah's age and they get pretty wound up at times. It is really cute to watch. As expected Noah was very tired after church and this first picture was taken when I woke him up from his nap. He does not do well if he gets woke up early.

Then we went and exercised our horses. I rode my colt today and that is always a chore. Noah spent some time with Nana and Popsy and they rode around and checked the heifers. He loves to help count the cows. It is so cute. He gets to ten and then has to start over because that is as high as he can count.

We got invited to a couple super bowl parties tonight be we were all tired and just wanted to stay home and relax. We have a very busy couple of weeks coming up and I knew we wouldn't have much time together coming up. This last picture is of Noah and daddy playing their favorite game. Noah wants daddy to "throw up high". He puts his arms up as high as they will go and laughs and laughs. Hope everyone has a good week.