Friday, February 13, 2009

Riding with Mom

The weather has been just beautiful the last few days and Noah has really enjoyed all the time he is getting to spend outside. Today I took my camera to the barn to catch some of the funny moments.

First he loves to help me clean stalls. He opens and shuts the gates, helps empty water buckets, and helps pick up "poop" with his stall pick. He is so funny because he will grunt and groan trying to pick up a water bucket or pick and then look at me and say "it heavy mama, I need help"...yes and he isn't two yet. He has an unbelievable vocabulary that is for sure.

I'll start with a picture of my horse. I have had several horses over the years and nothing compares to Shooter. While he is an extreme athlete (the fastest and quickest horse I have ever rode with a huge heart and tons of try) he is dog gentle around Noah. It is like he knows Noah is small and he is protecting him. I absolutely love him. He is just irreplaceable. So Noah helps me brush him and saddle him. He even helped me clean his feet out today. I would hold his foot and Noah would clean it with the hoof pick. So, so cute!

Then I asked him if he wanted to ride Be Bop (his pony) and he said, "No, too small, I ride Shooter". LOL! Poor Be Bop. So off we go.

Well he loves to ride. And eventhough, he looks nothing like me, he is definately my son because all he says while riding is ..."wanna go fast mama...go fast mama". So in the video below we are "going fast". It is hard to hear but he says "wanna go fast" at the beginning and then "yee haw" at the end. I don't know who was laughing harder me or Noah. He was bouncing so high and laughing so hard toward the end I started to get nervous he would bounce right out of my arms. Oh, he is a mess....

He did decide to ride Be Bop after I went to exercise my horse. He rode a long time today. I think we are in trouble....I think he might have the same "fever" we do.